Zoho – affordable, reliable, world class CRM.

Since 1997 the Zoho Suite of products have been revolutionising small business systems worldwide. Zoho is cloud based software-as-a-service which puts the customer at the centre of the organisation. By integrating all the commonly used business tools into one modern business system Zoho minimises risk, streamlines workflow and reduces unnecessary cost.

OnionCRM are New Zealand’s leading Zoho resellers. We’re specialists in using Zoho to solve common New Zealand business problems.

Zoho offers a monthly subscription model, with discounts for annualised payments. Regular upgrades are included in the monthly subscription fee.

DIY CRM - cost savings or costly headaches?

In NZ where we have a strong DIY mentality, some people choose to set up and configure their own CRM system. We see this often. They pay just the monthly subscription cost without the one-off implementation fee, only to discover a few months down the track that their DIY CRM isn’t working exactly as they’d hoped. At this point we usually get the call for help.

We don’t mind stepping in to complete a half-finished DIY project, even if it means starting again from scratch. Professional implementation ensures you’re set up for today, the team are properly trained and you’re ready for the future.

The Future of CRM

In recent years there has been a strong push to extend Zoho’s capabilities beyond standard CRM into proving a network of apps to streamline all aspects of your business, including tools such as inventory control, finance and collaboration.  They’re even starting to use Artificial Intelligence (AI).

OnionCRM will keep you up-to-date with the latest developments and new functionality from Zoho. We’ll let you know when Zoho announce new tools to help you work smarter.

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