Increased Subform Limits in Zoho CRM

Business analytics

If you have Zoho CRM Enterprise edition or Zoho One, you have the ability to use subforms.

Previously, the limit was set at 10 fields per subform on a layout which could be a bit limiting. We’re happy to inform you that the new limit for fields for each subform on a layout has been increased from 10 to 25. This enhancement allows you to capture and organize even more information within your subforms.

Expanded subform field limits are included for decimal, percentage, and currency data types

In addition to the overall increase in subform field limits, this update from Zoho  specifically addressed the limits for decimal, percentage, and currency data types. Previously capped at 10 fields, we are excited to announce that Zoho has extended the limit to 20 fields for these specific data types. This adjustment empowers you to gather a broader range of financial and numerical data within your subforms.