How does a CRM help me sell my business?

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Maximise your Business’s Value

Generally speaking, when your business in valued for sale, the value is made up of inventory, plant/assets/machinery, and ‘goodwill’.  A professional services business most valuable asset then is their ‘goodwill’.  How do we put a price on an intangible like goodwill?

This is usually done through your books, and the amount you invoice, however, this only tells half the story.  Your finance system doesn’t tell a prospective buyer how effective your marketing campaigns are, what your conversion rates and sales cycles are.  Invoices don’t talk about your client engagement either.

Investing in a Customer Relationship Management system like Zoho CRM tells these stories and more. For example, if your conversion rate is 47%, a prospective buyer can see the opportunities in your business if they can get that up to 55% or even 60%.  If you have particular success at a trade show, there may be other trade shows that can return this amount for them as well.

It’s all about presenting the prospective buyer with OPPORTUNITIES, and using this information to maximise the sale price of your business.