Customer Journeys – Part 2

Onion CRM Automate Business Process with Zoho CRM Systems

Onboarding New Clients

Many people think that a CRM system is just for Sales – not true I say!  Making the sale is just the start of the customer’s journey with your organisation.  Once your prospect has agreed to purchase from you, you need to ‘onboard’ the new client into your business.

On making a sale you may wish to collect some information from the client, such as their correct legal name, the correct email address to send invoices to, etc etc.  Depending on the nature of your business, you may also wish to:

  1. Get the client to agree to your terms and conditions
  2. Upload a copy of their logo/marketing collateral
  3. Upload other documents pertinent to the sale
  4. Gather a list of staff names, email addresses and phone numbers for those who will be receiving your services.

Typically this happens in a somewhat ad-hoc fashion.

Integrating Zoho Forms with Zoho CRM means you can send an email from CRM (beautifully branded) with a link to the form. The customer’s details will already be prepopulated.  Using the form, they can agree to your T’s and C’s, check their details and update if necessary.  When the form is submitted, these details are updated in CRM, and you’ll be notified that the new client has completed their form.

It goes without saying that we can also send automatic reminders if the form isn’t received back within a set number of days.

New Client Journey

Once you’ve taken care of confirming their critical details, you may wish to create a sequence of emails to introduce the client to all you have to offer.

The best onboarding sequence I received was a set of three emails that I received weekly.  Each email had a particular focus to help me get the best out of the new service I’d signed up for. The emails introduced me to the resources I could find on their website, the staff members I’d be talking to, and some information on how to get the best out of my new subscription.

The emails were numbered (1 of 3, 2 of 3 etc.), and each advised me that I had not been added to a newsletter list – but gave me the option to subscribe if I wished.

If you’d like more information on how to implement onboarding in your organisation, book a time to chat here!