Customer Journeys – Part 1

Zoho CRM Seamless Customer Managment

What is a “Customer Journey”, and why do I need one?

The customer journey refers to the entire process that a customer goes through in their quest to purchase a product or service. This journey includes multiple stages, starting from the point when the customer realises they have a need or a problem that requires a solution, to the point where they decide to make a purchase, and finally, to the post-purchase and ongoing account management.

Some common stages in the customer journey include:

  1. Presales & nurturing – in which your prospect evaluates your services/products agains the competition
  2. Sales and Onboarding
  3. Ongoing communications and account management

By understanding and mapping out the customer journey, businesses can better identify and address the needs and pain points of their customers, leading to more successful customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty.

1a. Lead Gathering

A well-designed marketing program will send prospects to your website with a call to action – normally to get in touch with you or to download a resource.  Most websites/CRMs will send the prospect an acknowledgement email after they’ve submitted the ‘Contact Us’ or download form.  This is the FIRST communication they receive from you – so make it a good one.  A two-line, plain text email that simply says ‘Thanks for your enquiry, we’ll be in touch’ doesn’t convey your brand or brand personality.

At the minimum, set a timeframe by which you will reply.  If you can, offer the client something extra to entice them further into your offerings.  For example, include a link to a testimonial or a story on your website.

A good CRM (or a great one like Zoho CRM) will remind you to get in touch with the prospect if you haven’t done so by the time the timeframe expires – and will offer you insights into what the prospect has done with your acknowledgement email.  Did they open it, did they click the link, and how long did they spend on your website afterwards?

Zoho will allow you to score these actions so you can easily see which prospects are most engaged with you.

1b. Lead Nurturing

If your prospect has downloaded a whitepaper or resource, you can continue to engage with them through a nurturing journey.  This might involve 3-4 additional, automated emails (all containing additional information or resources) over the next few weeks.

Consider letting the prospect know (in the first email), that they are going to get ‘x’ number of emails on the subject, then number your emails: 1 of 3, 2 of 3 etc.  Reassure the prospect that they have not been added to any mail lists and that they will not get any further emails once the sequence has ended.

The actions that the prospect takes with these emails can then dictate additional actions, or initiate more lead scoring within your CRM.

If you’re using Zoho Bookings – the last email can contain a link for the prospect to book a complimentary half-hour discussion with you.

Example workflow