Adding a Link to a Lead/Contact in a CRM Email

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Did you know…

You can insert a link to a Zoho CRM record (such as a Lead) into a workflow email.  So, if you’re getting emails when a new Lead is created, you can now include a link that will take you or your sales reps directly to that Lead.  Follow these steps.  You’ll need to have two browser tabs open, both logged into CRM.

  • Create an email template on either the Leads or Contacts module
  • Click Add URL from the formatting toolbar, this popup box will open
add link1
  • Open a new Zoho CRM tab. Go to the respective module, and open up any Lead or Contact.
  • Copy this part only of the URL
  • Enter the URL you’ve previously copied

link 2
  • Save this, then use the Hash key to add the Lead ID


Done. Now when the Salesperson gets the new lead email, they can simply click the link to be taken straight to the Lead in CRM.

You can read Zoho’s instructions on how to make this work here